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An Adventure Guide to Twenty-Five Famous Boulders of the Granite State

By Uma and Dan Szczesny


This field guide began with a frog. Well, kind of—Frog Rock in New Boston, New Hampshire. 


When outdoor writer Dan Szczesny and his six-year-old daughter hiked to the landmark boulder that looks remarkably like a frog, Uma asked her dad if there were any other famous rocks in New Hampshire. Turns out, there are many! And so began a state-wide adventure to visit, document, and learn about some of the state's most famous rocks and boulders.


From one of the largest glacier erratics in North America to a memorial for the state's only convicted witch to a rock that marks the most New Hampshire-esque love story on record, Dan and Uma narrowed down the list and created a Patch Quest to encourage families to get out and explore corners of the state they might not normally visit. 


And now it’s your turn. Use this guide to navigate to some of the strangest, most interesting stories—and rocks—in the Granite State. 


Get out there and start rocking!

NH Rocks That Rock

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