Color in and personalize your hiking trails, including all 48 NH 4,000-footers and the Appalachian Trail, with this hand-drawn print of the White Mountains hiking trails in New Hampshire.

After completing the NH 4,000-footers, I was looking for a good way to visualize the trails I had hiked while looking for new trails. I love keeping lists and track of my hikes and this turned out to be the perfect solution. Plus, you get to color!

The map includes the 4,000-footer list and will make it easy to see where you have hiked by coloring in the trails with your favorite color. It is a great gift for peak-baggers, weekend warriors, and the occasional day hiker! The map also highlights all forty-eight 4,000 peaks and most of the 100 Highest. 


30” x 24". Made in NH.

NH 48 4000 footers Color Your Hike