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About this product

4.75" long, 3.5" wide & 3" tall food-grade silicone snack bowls have a removable 5-section spiral-shaped opening. Easy-to-grab design for snacks to be grabbed and kept inside as well. Double-handled for carrying. Multi-use, drink from the vessel with the lid as well. The bowl's body is white with a navy-blue lid. The red anchor on the front side is accompanied by "Lil' Boat Baby" blue sentiment. Wonderful for an in-the-go family who loves to spend their time at the ocean-side beach house, cottage/lake house, and on the boat on a hot summer day. Kids will love these easy-grip bowls for snacking while in the car or out for a long day. BPA-free, plastic-free, and bacteria-resistant so you can feel safe & confident about what your little one is eating. Recommended for ages one and up. Dishwasher & microwave safe. Packaged on a hangable cardboard sleeve inside of a plastic poly bag and secured together with zip-ties. Always remove all packaging before giving it to your child.

LIL' Boat Baby Silicone Cup

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