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The second installment of the Deputy Mark Pollard Series, "Failure to Register" starts at the completion of the premier novel in the series, "Collateral Lead."  Pollard and the US Marshals Fugitive Task Force are sent to locate a suspect in the attempted abductions of local teenage girls. The team races against the uneasy feeling that a tragedy is imminent while battling a local police chief who has placed saving face above finding the absconding sex offender.  

The chase leads Pollard back to his native area of New Hampshire, the short Atlantic coastline.  Though raised in the location, he has little experience acting as a lawman there.  When his own father becomes a potential source of information, the old neighborhood and its inhabitants force Pollard to confront some of his own unsettled history, and how he feels about where he was raised.  


This is an author signed copy and ships Media Mail for $4

Failure To Register by Stephen Colcord

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