Once the keg is tapped, it's time for Beer Pong and professional party people will be sure to have their FOLD-N-GO 10-Cup set by their side. Fill cups with your choice of desired beverage and play one-on-one or with teams of two as you and your friends or family gear up for the big game. The foldable 10-cup targets make it easy to store and travel with this classic tailgate game and makes clean up after the game a breeze.


The set includes six ping pong balls, complete rules, assembly instructions, and a convenient travel & storage bag. With the FOLD-N-GO 10-Cup, amateur partygoers will stand in awe of your greatness.

10 CUP Beer Pong Game

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    1934 Lake Shore Road

    Gilford, NH 03249



    9:30 - 5:30

    Monday - Saturday

    Sunday - 10-4